Friday, February 06, 2009

Ryan Pyle Blog: New Work: Chongwu Walled City


I had the chance in 2008 to visit Chongwu, an ancient walled city in the southern province of Fujian. The ancient walls date back to 1387 and a time when Japanese pirates were raping and pillaging communities up and down China's coast. In some parts the old walled city still has it's charm, old single story homes still have their lovely tiled rooftops and some people still live a fairly traditional way of life; but signs of development are creeping in and its clear that the residents of the town aren't very keen on preserving their historic architecture, not at least if it gets in the way of indoor plumbing and multi-floor homes.

Above is a little slide show from the short time I spent there, I was just passing through - wish I could have stayed a little longer.


Ryan Pyle

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