Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ryan Pyle Blog: Faster Internet Access?


It appears that all the time I've spent on this blog complaining about my slow internet access has finally reached the right people in the upper reaches of government, one blog can make a difference.

A news report from the Shanghai Daily, an English language newspaper, stated that by the end of 2009 residents of Shanghai (that's me + 20 million others) will get broadband speeds 50 to 100 times faster than rates we currently get.

The new speed rates, tipping over 100Mbps, which I guess is supposed to be fast. See Article Here

Big questions that weren't answered in the newspaper article, surprise surprise, is censorship and the firewall. Currently the big reason for slow internet connections for anyone viewing websites, that originate outside of China, is because of the firewall. Until that issue gets dealt with they can increase the speeds as much as they want, they can spend billions laying new fiber and upgrading infrastructure, but to what end if all we can do is access websites based in China (ie. 98% Chinese content)

Beyond the fire wall, personally I don't care if it's 50Mbps or 100Mbps or 1000Mbps, as long as I can upload pictures to my archive and to clients fast.......I mean fast fast. Oh, and watching Youtube or Hulu every now and then to catch up on some good old American culture would be nice as well.

Fire wall or no fire wall, I say bring it! It couldn't be any worse than the current speeds.

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  1. Pfft you're living the life there sunshine :)

    Try coming into Africa (South Africa especially). I'm paying 300 US a month for a 512k connection and rarely do I get 512k.

    Now 50mb's, that would be amazing...

  2. Daniel,

    You win this battle for sure. I pay about US$22 per month and get FTP upload speeds around 6Kbps to 15Kbps, which if you do the math ends up being around 15-20 minutes for one image. It is not half as bad as what you are dealing with Daniel, thanks for sharing that.


    Ryan Pyle



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