Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ryan Pyle Blog: My Sorry Sorry Blog


I can't even imagine what happened, it just totally slipped my mind.

Today I found the link for my blog and noticed that my last blog entry was June 29 2007. That is really and truly pathetic, and for anyone out there who may actually read my blog, I am sorry for my tardy behavior.

It's January 2008, and it's a month for resolutions. And while things like getting to the gym more regularly and eating healthier are high on my agenda, blogging regularly is - believe it or not - at the top on my agenda.

The reasons why blogging takes top spot are two fold. Firstly, I am interested in creating a space for dialog about my work and my experiences in China. Second, I am interested in keeping a type of diary of my life and work in China; and what better way to do that then share my experiences with all of you.

Today is January 17th, my goal is to have regular monthly blogs - weekly might be a bit too ambitious. I'm going to try to discuss projects I am working on and experiences that I have during them. I hope, if there is anyone left who still subscribes, that the new format and rejuvenated effort, will be an enjoyable read for anyone interested in China and photojournalism.

All comments and suggestions are more than welcome and for those who commented in the past, you'll know that I always reply and encourage dialog.

All the best in 2008.


Ryan Pyle