Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ryan Pyle Blog: iPhone Available in China?


It appears that, according to a wide variety of news sources, that China Unicom and China Mobile are set to being selling the Apple iPhone in the world's largest mobile phone market. Why has it taken so long and what will be the outcome?

It has taken so long because the revenue sharing model that Apple hammered out with it's US and European partners just wouldn't fly in China. And why would it? Reports suggest that Apple will sell some 3 million iPhones in China during the first 12 months of the launch, perhaps a revenue sharing deal was a bit too greedy. Apple, and the iPhone are popular in China. There have been a lot of fakes produced and smuggled phone's from the US and Hong Kong can be found at any computer market throughout the country.

But don't think all will be free and fare. The iPhone's sold in China will be stripped of their wireless (wifi) capabilities. My guess is that is to generate more fee's for China's massive mobile phone companies. Wouldn't it be nice just to see China adopt a product or a service as is? Instead of tinkering and making things painful and inefficient. Painful to watch some days.

ps. The image above is from a story I did with the NYT a few years back out Chinese folks getting their iPhones from the US and "unlocking" them in China. So really, the iPhone has already been in China for at least 2 years.

LINK: WSJ Story Please Click Here

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