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Ryan Pyle Blog: Another Group Beating


There has been a bit of a worrying trend over the last few years of group beatings in China that have led to someone being killed, often women or students. What worries me about this particular story is that technology was avoided, security camera's, and the law was taken in to the hands of a group of store security guards.

Now, for five un-educated security guards (whom are seen as just a step above farmers on the social ladder) seem to have felt that they needed to solve this "suspected robbery" on their own. And that is scary. Even if this woman did shop-lift, which is possible, it makes no sense that punishment for that infraction is death by beating. Where are the police? Where is the law? More importantly where is the respect for the law?

Will this incident just slip in to the past or will there be a proper investigation. In China there are a confusing number of security guards and semi-police officers almost everywhere in China. This confusion comes from basically a "make work" project to keep bored men, often uneducated and from the farm, employed and somewhat happy. But they are not respected and my guess is that they accused this woman of shoplifting and she "talked down to the them" and they beat her to death.

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Arrests over China Wal-Mart death

Two Wal-Mart employees have been arrested in the Chinese city of Jingdezhen, in connection with the death of a customer, local police say.

Reports say Yu Xiaochun was intercepted and badly beaten by five Wal-Mart security guards who suspected her of shoplifting.

She died in hospital three days after the 30 August beating.

Wal-Mart has confirmed the incident and said it was fully co-operating with the relevant authorities.
Horrific scene

An eyewitness said she saw four or five young men beating the woman a few hundred yards away from the Wal-Mart store, and she had even gone over to tell them off. She said the scene was horrific.
The dead woman's husband told the media that he had found a shopping receipt in his wife's pocket after he got to the scene.

The victim was 37 years old and had a young son.
The police say they are doing all they can to prevent any public anger from fomenting into a so-called 'mass incident'.

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