Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ryan Pyle Blog: Choosing the Next Party Leader


Having lived abroad for so many years, nearing a 1/3 of my life now, I have grown fond of the BBC World News Service. I listen to the radio broadcasting as well as watch the 24 hour television news programing.

So in being such an avid consumer of the BBC I've come to know the correspondents covering China. While I haven't met any of the correspondents in person, I don't get out much, I have begun to appreciate James Reynolds and his blogging efforts.

A lot of news agencies are making their journalists, reporters, and presenters keep blogs. And while they vary in quality and content, James' blog offers a lot of interesting insight in to not only China as a whole but in to the political life in Beijing. I think James has been based in China for 3 or 4 years now and his observations are well worth a visit to his BLOG.

My purpose for introducing James' blog is that a recent entry of his caught my eye. It provided a lot of insight in to the world of politics in China. The blog in question was written a few weeks back and it tackled the interesting question of who China's next president might be and how that process comes about, adding to the blog was an aside about the difficulties in interviewing people in the military.

Be sure to stop by and check out the blog on China's Next Top Leader at James Reynolds BLOG.Enjoy.

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