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Ryan Pyle Blog: The New China - Yes, it's a Lamborgini


This picture above, and the post below was created by a good friend of mine, Jeffrey Parker. He was in Beijing earlier this week visiting a grocery store when he came past a PINK Lamborgini. Behind the wheel was a barely 20 year old women who clearly couldn't drive or park.

The post is interesting because it is a stark reminder that yes, with all the poverty and the messy politics of China, there are still a lot of people out there who can buy their favorite mistress (one of many no doubt) a pink Lamborgini - so she can drive it to pick up her Sunday groceries.

Check the original link, below, for more pictures.

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his series doesn't really need much explanation. But I'll set the stage. I was on my bicycle, just coming out of the Beijing Carrefour on Sunday afternoon, which of all the worst times to be in the Carrefour parking lot ranks about the top. Only a holiday Sunday it could be worse. So I'm navigating among untold numbers of newbie drivers in their newbie cars, and come upon this:

Is this really what it looks like? Surely it's a kit car -- a converted VW bug. I swing back around for a closer look. You can't quite tell, but it's an, er, sheila, at the wheel, as I suppose might be indicated by the color scheme.

And she's clearly a newbie. She's very unsure of her driving, and finally hops out. The young swain in the passenger seat hops in to finish the parallel parking, while she stands in the street watching.

Here's the dude, inspecting his parking job. Note the owner's shoes, which do not appear to be stock for this model.

No plates on this lovely urban getabout, but what's this? A rhinestone badge!

Couldn't do much about the glare, but this clearly is not a VW conversion kit car, as can be seen through the glass engine cover. That's hardly a surprise. I've only seen maybe two air-cooled veedubs in all my 20 years in China.

Yes, it's really, truly a pink Lambo Gallardo.

Yes, This is China.

Ryan Pyle

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