Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ryan Pyle Blog: The Middle Kingdom Ride


I just wanted to write a brief email to introduce you to a new project that I began working on today. It's name is "The Middle Kingdom Ride".

The project will involve both myself and my brother, Colin Pyle, circumnavigating China by BMW motorcycle. To date, no one has ever attempted such a journey; we have the opportunity to be the first. Our 60 day - 20,000km - journey will take us through some of the most remote and populated regions of the world. To say the least, it will be an epic journey. We left Shanghai, China this morning at 6am.

You can follow us on our dedicated website:

You can also follow us on our blog:

Colin and I will be writing throughout our journey with the goal of producing a co-authored book, as well as a documentary film and of course I'll be taking pictures the entire time. Our 60 day journey will take us on a "once in a lifetime" adventure. We hope that you opt to follow our journey and connect with us while we are on the road. We depart on Saturday August 14th 2010 @ 6am from my home in Shanghai, China.

Colin and I will be sure to stay in touch.

You can connect with us on: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE

The Middle Kingdom Ride wouldn't happen without our wonderful SPONSORS: BMW, Touratech, Airhawk, Pelican, Kodak, Oakley, Cardo Systems, Lowe Pro & Mandarin House.

Ryan Pyle

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