Friday, March 12, 2010

Ryan Pyle Blog: A Venture into Multimedia


I've made my first venture in to multimedia. A huge leap I know, but I have decided to try and organize my photography in such a way to reach a wider audience. The slide show above is from my Chinese Turkestan series and it includes some captured audio and a wonderful bit of music as well. I have a blog prepared for a little later that will go more in depth in to the multimedia process. I hope you can also enjoy that once it runs.

You can also follow this YouTube LINK.

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Ryan Pyle


  1. Hi Ryan,
    I like your work and I'm curiously watching your careful steps into multimedia‚I'm going through the same cautious process. I'm curious: what program are you using now to combine your audio/video components (I'll guess FCP) and has it been a tough learning curve? And geez, how do you find time for sleep?
    Best wishes,
    Allen S

  2. Allen,
    Thanks for your note. At the moment I am just flirting with audio slide shows and haven't ventured fully in to Video. It should be noted that I was NOT able to sell my audio slide show to any of my clients; so it was basically just a small project to help promote the work. I'm not entirely sure how economically feasible this kind of work is.

    As for gear, I just have a small digital recorder with a nice little microphone attached. I also have an assistant who helps with putting it all together. Very helpful.


    Ryan Pyle



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