Friday, February 12, 2010

Ryan Pyle Blog: The Asian Institute


I'm very honored today to write that I've been granted an Affiliate status at the University of Toronto's Asian Institute. The Asian Institute has over 100 scholars in it's membership, both visiting and UofT based, and several non-academic members which are called Affiliates. The latter is the category I fall in to.

All of this came about when I started returning to the University of Toronto a few years back to guest lecture in my old "Modern China" course. From those lectures I was invited to speak last year at a conference on Political Change in China at the Asian Institute and it went over well. Hopefully this Affiliate status will mean that I'll have a place to call home in the academic community as I continue to try and branch out and share my knowledge of China and my experiences beyond photography.

The Asian Institutes Mission statement is basically that it has become home to all things Asian. On their website they indicated:

The Asian Institute at the Munk Centre, University of Toronto, is home to over one hundred affiliated scholars researching and teaching on Asia. Our community of scholars spans a broad range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Our regional breadth covers the entire Asian continent. The principal mission of the Asian Institute is to provide the intellectual core for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and teaching on Asia.

As an affiliate member of the Asian Institute I'll hopefully be able to return to the University of Toronto and share my experience, lecture and exchange ideas and observations with other China watchers. It's a wonderful opportunity and I'm keen to make a return to the Asian Institute in March this year. I'll keep this space updated with lecture announcements or any other new information.

My Asian Institute Bio

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