Friday, January 29, 2010

Ryan Pyle Blog: Blogging in 2009


This is another one of those boring blogs that looks back at 2009. This time we are looking at my blogging.

To be honest I've been blogging since 2006. But I would have to say that in 2009 I finally got my feet moving and began blogging on a regular basis. I had a total of 102 blogs in 2009. That is a vast improvement over 2008 (22 blogs), 2007 (14 blogs) and 2006 (13 blogs).

So I'm blogging, most of it is rubbish but I hope there are a few entertaining gems in there somewhere. Needless to say 102 blogs in one year is a pretty aggressive number for a single blogger who tries to focus on original content. Many of my blogs are short and introduce new work, and when feeling motivated I try to branch out and write something longer and more opinionated.

My goal is that 2010 will bring a similar number of blogs to the viewing public. I seem to have settled in to a nice routine of 1 or 2 blogs a week, focusing more on quality than quantity. Fingers crossed it all comes together nicely. I appreciate that there is at least some people who enjoy the regular read, and your emails and feedback are very much welcomed. Please continue to write and I'll try to reply to everyone on questions regarding photography and China in general.

Keep reading, and tell all your friends.

Ryan Pyle

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