Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ryan Pyle Blog: The NEW Ryan Pyle Website


It has only been a few months since my last website upgrade, I know a bit skittish. While my previous website was more than adequate it was tough to edit, upgrade and make changes to. So I've opted for the new Photojournalism website service set up by It's about US$45 per month, less if you pay for a full year. Very flexible and easily upgraded-able. I can change my contact details and photo essays using their clean back-end user interface.

While it's all flash, it runs very quickly, they also have a full meta-data program that should keep me well listed on search engines.

It's clean, easy to make changes to and more than does the job. Hopefully potential clients will find it enticing enough to give me a bell. Needless to say, I'm pleased with the site, the service and the speed with which the tech folks get back to me.

Am I endorsing it? Well, no. I spent a lot of time and energy telling people how much I loved Digital Railroad and that really came back to haunt me. But Livebooks provides a good service for ME. And I'm pleased. You'll need to make your own choices. Best of luck.

My new website can be viewed at:

Ryan Pyle

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