Friday, February 18, 2011

Ryan Pyle Blog: London Visit


This is just a brief note to let anyone out there, followers and non-followers alike, that I'll be visiting London for about 12 days starting next week. I have some engagements while in London and I've listed them below. In case you are interested, the venue's are open to the public and your more than welcome to stop by, listen in and say hello. Details below:

Date: Tuesday February 22nd 2011
Cambridge University: East Asian Society - Time: 5pm to 8pm
Venue: Robinson College
Speaker: Ryan Pyle
Topic: A Lens on China: Sources of Political Change in China
Full Cambridge LINK

Date: Wednesday February 23rd 2011
University of London: SOAS - Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings. Room: L67
Speaker: Ryan Pyle and Dianne Aigaki
Topic: Images of Tibet: Two presentations by photographers of contemporary Tibet
Full SOAS Lecture LINK

Date: Thursday February 24th 2011
London School of Economics: Arts Public Lecture - Time: 1-2pm
Venue: Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building
Speaker: Ryan Pyle
Topic: Documenting China.
Full LSE Lecture LINK.

Date: Monday February 28th 2011
London: BBC Interview - Time: 1pm to 2:30pm
Venue: BBC Studios - London, UK
Interviewee: Ryan Pyle
Interviewer: Mishal Husain
Television Show: Impact Asia with Mishal Husain
Full BBC Interview LINK

Date: Tuesday March 1st 2011
Brighton: AM Gallery: "Intimate China" - Time: 8pm
Venue: AM Gallery, Brighton, UK
Speaker: Ryan Pyle
Topic: Chinese Turkestan
Full AM Gallery Lecture LINK

Back to China and ready for assignments on March 4th.

Ryan Pyle

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