Monday, December 15, 2008

Ryan Pyle Blog: Canon 5D Mark II's everywhere for XMAS!!!!!


I recently visited my local camera market in Shanghai, China; and I'm pleased to announced that every store in the market was flush with Canon 5D Mark II's. The first question many of you may have is: are they fake? The answer is no, my buddy bought one and spent the next few days shooting in Shanghai with lovely low-light results.

The second question many of you might have is: did they fall off the back of a truck? Perhaps. It's clear that Canon is suffering to get these things to market fast enough, and part of that might be because so many are available in China. I recently heard that some shooters in NYC have been on a waiting list for several months to get their 5D Mark II, and I can't help but wonder how many of these camera's in China were prepared for the US and European market but never made it there.

Now don't get me wrong, China has a flourishing photography scene with loads of gifted image makers that can afford a US$2600 camera; and I can assure you that they are flying off the shelves. But surely it's horrible PR for Canon that their newest, and most highly anticipated product in years, is more readily available in Shanghai, China then in the New York City or Paris or London.

So, did I pick one up? Not yet. Why am I waiting? I'm not sure really. I'm not a big techie and I'm not very interested in upgrading my equipment very often but these new 5D's seem to really be a massive improvement to digital image making. I'm sure I'll pick one up around Xmas, a small gift for myself after a manic year of running around this ever changing country that has become my adopted home.

To all those of you in North America and Europe you can't get your hands on a new 5D Mark II? If you're thinking of finally taking that trip to China, it might as well be now - we've got all the gear readily available.


Ryan Pyle

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  1. Anonymous14:55

    You can also come to India, New Delhi where it is going for INR 145000 roughly for USD2850.



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