Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ryan Pyle Blog: Home Sweet Home

It’s been 5 days since my last blog. Speaking about "the father", has anyone been watching the news and seen the hot water the Pope has gotten himself in to after a very brief quotation. These are difficult times we live in.

Right, I have been too busy to write, in saying that, I have a great excuse. I am tired and jet lagged mostly, and after nearly a month on the road, taking in stops in London, New York, Toronto and Perpignan - I am finally home and my body has crashed. Most of my time, during the last few days, was spent going through the business cards and notes I had made during the week that I atteneded a photography industry festival in Perpignan, France.

Perpignan is essentially a monster networking event, attended by all walks of life – from established professional photographers, to keen amatures. And then there were people like me. I am a professional photographer, but I am far from being an established house hold name. Guys and Gals like me were out there trying to make a name for ourselves, trying to show our portfolio's and trying to generate some contacts. For me, living in China, networking is a one a year opportunity - since the photography editors don't ever make the trip to China. So it is an essential part of the game of generating interest in the work I am doing in China. It is always and uphill struggle.

Now that I am back in China, and generating new story ideas, I am as motivated as ever to start working again. Today is Sunday and my body is finally coming around. I got a decent sleep last night - I spent most of the day researching on the internet - pulling together new story ideas.

I am also in the process of hiring my first assistant. It's always a difficult task, finding someone who can tolerate me on a full time basis. I wouldn't say that I am cranky, but I am very intense and I take my work seriously - and that can scare some people away. The resume's have begun to flood in. I've been going through each one with care. I am trying to weed out people who just seem to be drifting and thought that being a photographer's assistant for a few months would be exciting. I need someone long term, to build a solid working relationship with - no drifters need apply. I'll keep you posted on how the process goes.

It looks like I'll have a busy fall season. Magazines have started contacting me regarding scheduling and lining up work for October and November. Everything should fall in to place nicely. But more importantly than that is my personal work - what will I do with my spare time and how can I build an important story that I feel passionate about. That will be a true test for my journalism skills.

It's a Sunday night. I have written enough. My goal is that this blog will become much more interesting as my work picks up. I can report from the road on my adventures and mis-adventures.

Stay tuned.

Ryan Pyle
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